Aerial Cinematography and
The Art of Moving Images

At National Drone Services we know first hand the unmatched visual perspective aerial cinematography provides storytellers. That is why we pioneered and continue to work tirelessly advocating the use of this amazing technology.

Experience is the difference!

We have filmed aerials across the continental United States and Alaska, inside volcanoes in Hawaii and across the vast wilderness of Canada. From the air we have hunted ancient treasures in Central and South America. We have pursued pirates in the Indian Ocean and the Northern Arabian Gulf. We have explored the Australian Outback, islands off the coast of Cambodia and the endless expanses of Africa.

Unmatched Visual Perspective

At National Drone Services, we are more than an aerial cinematography company. We are seasoned motion picture and television professionals who have dedicated our lives to telling great stories.We understand the delicate balance between the pictures on the screen and the words in the script. But there is no denying – our pictures are truly worth...a thousand words!!

“How do you show somebody – “breathtaking?”

You don’t! You take their breath away!”

-Brian J. Kelly, Founder,  National Drone Service

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