Defining the Art of Moving Images

Camera-equipped unmanned aerial systems represent one of the most important advances in television and motion picture technology in the past 25 years. The versatility and cost effectiveness of these platforms is a game changer for our industry.

Film and television equipment is notoriously expensive and complicated. Anyone who has ever used a full sized jib on set knows…transportation and set up can take hours. Often yielding a single shot. Our UAS’ can be in the air in a matter of minutes and are globally deployable without the cost, time, and logistical constraints of traditional helicopter and fixed-wing aerial platforms.

What once took weeks of preparation - including insurance, permits, flight plan preparation, and gaining access to congested airspace - now can be coordinated, and in some instances executed, in a matter of hours at a fraction of the cost. As a result, when we say “anytime and anywhere,” we mean it...literally!

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National Drone Services is an FAA certified drone operator based in Washington, DC.